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Fully managed cloud platform for your .NET applications

Manage your .NET applications with privacy and security in an agile and cost-optimized way.

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Compatible with everything you already use

Amazon Web Services
Visual Studio

Providing the ability to develop and manage secure applications.

Worry only about developing what your business needs, we provide the infrastructure and solutions you need for your applications to be secure, well managed and audited.

Security Automation

Protect your applications, secure intellectual property, manage secrets and protect sensitive information integrated into your deployment phase.

Application Automation

Deploy your applications securely, manage real-time security and monitor them effectively.

Development Automation

Speed up the development of your applications by automating the control of problems and exceptions, auditing their security and finding the weak points of the development.

Our products

We provide application automation for security, management, monitoring and secure development.

Dotnetsafer Platform Stack

Our tools allow you to manage all the layers from the beginning of your application development to its release to production and its subsequent secure management.

We unlock processes in a simple and agile way so you can focus your efforts on the success of your product while managing everything you need with minimal effort.

Next-generation .NET obfuscator that provides complex and advanced security to protect your code, intellectual property, prevent reverse engineering and secure your application.

Intellectual property protectionObfuscate your .NET applications when compiling.NET cloud obfuscation always up to date
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Manage secrets, keys and protect sensitive data with zero-knowledge blockchain technology.

Secrets managementZero-Knowledge encryptionDistribution of secrets in decentralized blockchain networks
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Tracking and error management for performance improvement and monitoring of your .NET applications, all in one to help you create quality code that always works.

Error trackingPerformance monitoringManage exceptions privately and securely
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Eliminates infrastructure complexity

To manage all the points of a modern application it is common to have different services, with different configurations, functionalities and integrations. This creates a layer of complexity in your infrastructure since you must worry about the coexistence between all of them and manage each one individually.

Reduces the complexity of the infrastructure of any software developed in .NET

Centralized platform

The Dotnetsafer cloud platform allows you to centralize all the tools you need in one place, without the need to manage different accounts for different services, pay extra money for tools or make developers' lives more difficult.

Centralized platform for C# application developments

Unlock your company's scalability issues

As your company and product grow scalability becomes more important, relying on different solutions and services adds a brake on scaling team, development and product.

Easily scale your .NET and C# developments

Enterprise-ready & developer-first

Our products are able to be easily adapted to your company. With roles, audit trails, Single Sign On (SSO) and compliance with all regulations. They are also designed with developers in mind, to make their job easier and reduce development and production costs.

All our .NET solutions are Enterprise-ready & developer-first

Avoid over-engineering your integrations

The use of different services makes the logic of your integrations complex and difficult to manage, requiring recurring maintenance to keep everything working.

Easy integration with any C# application

Exceeded integration

All our products can be easily integrated with everything you already use, they contain APIs and SDKs that allow them to integrate with more tools and with each other.

Focus only on development, Dotnetsafer takes care of security and integration in a simple way

Join +100.000 developers community

Dotnetsafer is backed by a .NET cybersecurity community, many developers and companies use our products in their applications and contribute to open source projects that help the community.

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